Getting Started with Static Ultra

Due to its use of XMLHttpRequest, Static Ultra needs a web server or web host to run. It doesn't work when ran directly using the local file system.

You can get free web hosting from the excellent Neocities.

If you'd like to develop your site on your computer, I highly recommend XAMPP. It has PHP support which we don't need. But it's also an easy and free way to set up a local web development server.

So, download Static Ultra. Don't worry, there's no exe or installer, it's just plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Extract Static Ultra. Then, either upload all the files (in the same structure as they are now) to your web host, or place them in your local www folder if you're using a local web server.

Open config.js for editing. And look for the following few lines:

// Title for the website. Saves you having to put it in every theme this.SITE_TITLE = "Untitled Website"; // Site's slogan HTML for a little info about your site that usually appears // very near the site title this.SITE_SLOGAN_HTML = ` A new <strong>Static Ultra</strong> powered website `; // Site's footer HTML for copyright or whatnot this.SITE_FOOTER_HTML = ` By Someone `;

Go ahead and update those! If you don't want a slogan or a footer, just set them to ``. Save and close config.js.

Next, open up index.html for editing. You should see the following:

<!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Untitled Website</title> <script src="static-ultra/static-ultra-initialiser.js"></script> <script>sckStaticUltra_initialiser.init( "" );</script> </head> <body><div class="static-ultra"> <!-- Page Content Begin --> <p>This is the home page.</p> <!-- Page Content End --> </div></body> </html>

Not too complicated eh?

Alright, change Untitled Website to your website's title.

Delete the code between <!-- Page Content Begin --> And <!-- Page Content End -->, and replace it with your own. Actually, you can delete those lines too if you want, they're just there to show you where to put your code. Personally I leave them in. xD Anyway, if you're not sure what to put, maybe start with, oh I don't know, <p>Hello World!</p> Save and close index.html.

Visit your website. That's it! Congrats, you just created your first Static Ultra page! How easy was that?

Next, you'll probably want to add some more pages... After that we'll take a look at creating a theme/layout!

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