If you're building a static website, Static Ultra can make your life much easier! A static website is one made of only client-side HTML, CSS and JavaScript (like every Neocities website xD).

Build + Update Fast

Static Ultra separates your pages, theme(s) and navigation so you can build and update them independently. When you make a change, you only have to do it once! No more trawling through multiple pages updating the same HTML over and over!

Theme(s) + Theme Switching

You can have just one theme. Or as many you like! You set the default, you can enable visitors to switch themes, and you can force a specific theme on a specific page. You can use pre-made themes, or make your own!

Stay in Control

With Static Ultra, you can still write your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Static Ultra just makes it easier!

Cache Busting

Static Ultra ensures your website visitors always see the latest version of your website, while still utilising the web browser's caching capabilities. It's the perfect balance of delivery and speed!

No server side language needed

Static Ultra is written in plain client-side JavaScript. It works on any web server! No need for PHP, Node.js or a database.

Great for Beginners

If you just want to focus on your content, you can use a free theme and start building! It's a great way to get started if you only know a little HTML.

Automatic Breadcrumb and Navigation

Static Ultra builds your breadcrumb and main menu from a single config file that's easy to update. Then, if you choose, you just plonk the tags in your theme, and your it's all sorted.

Re-usable HTML Blocks

Ever wanted the same block of code in several or all of your pages, but got tired of editing them on every page? Static Ultra has re-usable HTML blocks. You create the HTML once, and simply add a tag pointing to it on any page or theme where you want it!

So, if all this sounds good to you, read on! Next, however, we are going to go over a few potential downsides of using Static Ultra, so you can decide if it's the right solution for your website. After that, if you're still here we'll get started! You could have a Static Ultra powered website in as little as 10 minutes!

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