Part 09: Kalm

"I'll try to remember, but it's a bit... CLOUDY HAHAHAHA"

Our first stop on the world map is Kalm. SO KALM DOWN! Head rightward and you'll find Kalm. Oh jeez I've just said Kalm four times. Oh well might as well wear it out now. KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM KALM! There.

You can save anywhere on the world map, so you might wanna save before you enter. If you're saving in multiple slots so that you can replay sections, now's a good time since there's a cool bit of story coming up you might want to revisit.

Enter Kalm, and then let's go get some items! Like always we're going to walk into people's houses and steal their stuff, just like we do in real life. Ignore the first house the others went into for the moment.

You can get a Peacemaker for a future character in the second house along the top from the left.

There's a Materia and Weapons/Armour shop full of real good stuff to the north of the town.

I'd recommend buying all the stuff you don't yet have (which should basically be all of them - Mythril Saber, Cannon Ball, Mythril Claw and Full Metal Staff. You may also want to buy additional Mythril Armlets). The stuff in these shops never changes throughout the game which means nothing here is permanently missable. But personally I just like to get them out of the way.

You'll definitely want to buy the Earth and Heal Materia. The other Materia you should already have. Earth's basically the, well, "Earth Element" equivalent of Lightning/Fire/Ice, and Heal is a cool Materia that cures status ailments. It starts with just being able to cure Poison, but eventually it is able to cure everything and even make a character immune to status effects during battle! Equip them right away so you can start getting AP on them.

Okay there's nothing else in terms of collectibles, so feel free to check out the town, then go to the first house. It's time to learn a bit about Sephiroth and Cloud's mysteeeeeeeeerious paaaaast.