Part 04: Sector 5

"Who knew flowers could break a fall THAT high..."

So Cloud has fallen from a RLY high place. He's done for right? Naaaah, some freaking dandelions broke his fall so he's fine.

He has a quick chat with his spooky inner voice, then he's woken up by the flower girl from the intro and the first mission. They get acquainted, and a couple of times you have to talk to her to get the conversation going again. And then you get to choose her name.

Her official name is Aeris. Well, actually in some other games her name is Aerith due to translation issues or something. Anyway choose a name for her.

After some time, an ominous person appears and just sort of stands there... Keep talking to Aeris, and Aeris will ask you to be her bodyguard for a while, in exchange for getting to go on a date with her.

Cloud will go and talk to the strange man, who will be joined by some laughing Shinra soldiers. It turns out the man's name is Reno, and he's a member of a shady organisation called The Turks. I almost feel like Cloud should have a battle with Reno here, but he doesn't. Who knows, maybe in some alternate timeline...

Cloud and Aeris decide to make a run for it this time, and they head into a different section of the Church.

There's a quick scene where Reno acts like a typical hypocritical boss, and then you resume control of the game.

You'll now be in messy a room with fabric on the walls, and a pillar that looks like it's fell over a fit. For a little while, Cloud can have random encounters with (very easy) multiple enemies. So equip him Fire/All. Aeris have some battles too, but her battles will be against a single enemy, so equip her Ice. Go to sort of the middle of the top section just under the pillar and Cloud will jump down to the bottom of the stairs on the next level.

Go up the stairs, run leftwards across the platform to the hole in the platform. Reno and his underlings will move into the room. Cloud will jump over the hole, but Aeris doesn't think she can make the jump. She gets called an "Ancient". Now, for some reason in real life women get really annoyed if you call them an "Ancient". So don't do that. Aeris will come under fire and roll down to the bottom left of the bottom floor of the room. Poor Aeris. :(

You'll gain control of Cloud, so move up the diagonal ladder on his left into the attic where there are some barrels. Cloud can actually enter random encounters at the moment. If he does, they're against lil' gangsta hedgehawg things which are very little threat, so just take them out with Fire/All.

Cloud can push these Barrels over and avoid a few low exp battles for Aeris. Recommend Aeris to "Hold on a minute!" Go to the left of the top left Barrel, and select it every second or so until Cloud is able to push it down and squish a Shinra soldier. If you mess up, Aeris will have a battle against the soldier. Take them out quickly with an Ice attack.

Head to the left of the top right Barrel, when prompted, inform Aeris to "Hold on a minute" again, and do the same.

Head to the right of the bottom right Barrel and repeat.

Aeris will reach Cloud, the view of the attic will change. Exit the church via the hole in the roof to the left where the beam of light is coming down.

Nice work! Cloud and Aeris will have a little discussion. Seems like the Turks have been after Aeris for a while. She claims they believe she has what it takes to be in SOLDIER, the Shinra's elite military unit. But maybe time will tell what's really going on...

Run across the rooftops, and after a short while you'll land in an area of Sector 5 Slums where there's some tents and small buildings you can't enter, that look like they're made of junk!

There's a well deserved Save Point here that you may wish to make use of.

Anyway, exit this screen to the left, passed the metal wall where the yellowish light is.

On this screen, another junk building screen with a wide orangey-brown path, head north.

You'll arrive in the main part of Sector 5 slums. There's a pipe on your left with a man standing next to it. And a, rather large building with a big chimney to your right.

There's a little bit to do here. Let's collect and buy stuff!

Turtle's Paradise 1

Go to the very right of the area, and enter the small house. Go upstairs and you'll see a wall with two posters. ONE of the posters it a Turtles Paradise poster.

Reading all 6 of these Turtles Paradise posters gets you a bunch of stat boosting items later in the game. These can be farmed anyway and so aren't a true permanently missable. So don't worry if you miss one of these posters. But for the sake of completion, I will include all 6 in this walkthrough!

NOT 5 Gil

In the same room as the Turtle's Paradise poster, check little cabinet with a cup on it. Check the hidden draw but DON'T take the 5 Gil . Later you'll be able to get a Turbo Ether instead! Once you've done that, exit this building.

Titan Bangles

Go into the caravan at the top of the area. The person at the top sells Titan Bangles. You should already have one, but you may want to buy some more as it's a bit better than the Iron Bangles with higher defence and an additional Materia slot. I'd say make sure you have four at this point.

You'll have one more opportunity to buy these in an upcoming section shortly, and then after that they become unavailable for a really long time.

Alright, that's it for collectables in this little Slum area. You may want to explore the buildings a bit more. There's also a little dialog with Aeris if you go talk to the man in the pipe.

When you're done, exit this screen on the right hand side, and you'll arrive outside Aeris' House.

Cover Materia

Go rightward, up a small ladder and there's a bunch of bushes. You can find an Ether and a Cover Materia!

Return to Aeris's house, you may want to utilize the Save Point. Go into Aeris's house.

You'll meet Elmyra, Aeris's "Mom". Bit of a chat, then sleep. During sleep Cloud's spooky inner voice has another word, and then he remembers a scene from his past where his Mom is telling him to calm down and meet a nice bird, but he's not interested.

Potion + Phoenix Down

Once Cloud wakes up, grab a cool Potion/Phoenix Down, which unusually is on the screen as a single item, but you get both.

By the way, that poster is NOT a Turtle's Paradise poster!

Now you have to WALK across to, and down the stairs. Otherwise Aeris tells you to go back to sleep and you have to try again.

Exit Aeris's house, and head through the Slums until you reach the screen just after where the pipe with the man inside is. To your suprise, you'll find... Aeris!