Part 03: No 5 Reactor

"Let's fool the Shinra by using the exact same plan again!"

Deja vu! At the end of the last chapter, we saved at the Save Point by the pillar. Head downwards and exit this screen at the bottom-right.

Once you get on the train, there will be a few time limits. You may want to read the next few paragraphs before boarding the train, so you don't miss anything!

If one of the upcoming time limits runs out, you will just start further away from the "goal" in the next section, but you won't miss anything important.

Anywelch when you're ready, board the train with the others.

Ohhh that Barret, he sure likes to make a scene, a-hyuck, hyuck hyuck! Tifa will intervene and calm things down, and then they'll have a quick chat about the mission. Talk to the guy sleeping at the top-right a couple times. Then go talk to Tifa for a bit by the security system control panel thing.

The alarm will go off. 15 second time limit a-go-go!

Phoenix Down

On the first cart, Quickly leg it back to the sleeping man at the top right. He'll give you a Phoenix Down. Leg it to the next cart via the bottom of the screen.

Hi Potion

Alright, on this second cart, leg it to the bottom left and talk to the man. He'll say "Do you want this", say "Yeah", and he'll give you the Hi Potion. Quickly exit the cart via the bottom of the screen.

On the third cart, once you're able to move, a thief with sunglasses will steal 100 gil as you move past him. Chase him, talk to him, and he'll say "Busted?". Select "That's right" to get your gil back, and then run like the wind to the bottom right of the cart, onto the next cart.

On the fourth cart nothing special happens, so just zoom to the bottom right like you did on the third.

AAAAAAAAAAAAND relax. The music and sound effects are still going crazy, but don't worry, no more time limits. Just follow Tifa and Barret to the bottom of the cart, and after a bit of talking the trio will jump off the train. You gotta laugh at the others trying to look inconspicuous lol. xD

You'll arrive in some tunnels. Oh wow it's so quiet here. Now that's contrast. There are enemies around though, enemies of DEAAATH!

You can fry most of the enemies here by using Bolt/All. If any survive, just finish them off with everyone's normal attacks.

Anywho, there's no point heading south, there's just a couple of guards there who attack you, and then get replaced by two more guards, who also attack you, and repeat. FOREVER. Check it out if you really want to, but there's nothing really story or world building there.

To proceed with the game, head north. Depending on how far you got in the train/cart thing, it might take longer. It's kinda strange because the train looks like it's sort of heading south and in the tunnel is looks like you're heading north. But I guess that could just be put down to perspective. xD

After a while you'll encounter a Shinra security sensor that our Cloud doesn't want to go through. If we had some kind of Paper Mario Materia, it wouldn't be an issue. But you don't get that until much later in the game...

So what to do? Well, inspect the little panel thing to the left of the sensor, and choose "Go down". Barret seems a bit worried about fitting through it, but he'll be okay.


You'll now be in a short tunnel. Well, you were already in a tunnel, but now you're in a different one. Well, whatever. Pick up the Ether and climb down the ladder at the other end.

Phew! It was getting a little claustrophobic there! Glad the areas opened up a bit. Climb down the big ladder.

This section can be a wee bit confuzzling and you can end up going in circles. If only you had some kind of walkthrough or something.

Well, talk to the others along the way if you'd like, but the quickest path (while still getting the items) is to take the ladder on the very left of this screen.


In this small area where Jessie is standing, there's a very obvious Potion.

Then, again in the area where Jessie is, you wanna climb down the ladder/hole to your left.


You'll now be climbing down a large ladder, and you'll be able to see a Save Point. Make use of that, not forgetting to grab the Tent as you go.

Tents are extremely useful items. They fully restore your party/team's HP and MP, with the slight catch that they only work at a Save Point. Wait a sec, there's a Save Point right here! Well, hold on to that Tent for now, we'll save it for an upcoming Save Point for just before the next boss.

Speak to ol' Biggs if you wanna, then climb the ladder next to him to move onto the next screen.


Waaaaait a second. This looks awful familiar... maybe I should just re-use the screenshots from No 1 Reactor... no one will notice! Just kidding, even though the layout is the same, it does look slightly different. Yes, that's right, it's the same but it's different.

Deadly Waste

Right, in this area there is a green enemy with pipes for ears that sometimes drops an item, Deadly Waste. Deadly Waste casts the spell Bio 2 on enemies, which can inflict poison status on them, which reduces their health a bit once in a while. Tbh it's not really that useful right now, and Deadly Waste isn't exactly a missable item, since you can get more later in the game, including post-game. BUT, you don't get it for a long while, so I'd say fight a buncha enemies here until you get like, three, just so it's in your inventory early.

The experience points won't hurt either. :D

Okay, when you're ready, head left and go through the door opposite the bottom of the stairs.

You'll now be in a room similar to the one where you unstuck Jessie on the first reactor mission. Head to the right, jump onto the tall, diagonal ladder, climb down onto the girder, go onto the smaller diagonal ladder, and climb down the final ladder onto the pipe below, which takes you onto the next screen.

Head down the vertical pipe that connects the two horizontal ones. Left to the ladder, down the ladder to the door you can't enter, and you may want to use the Save Point, although the boss battle isn't for a short while.

Head down and right onto the next screen.

Go drop da bomb. On your way Cloud will have a bit of an episode. I won't spoil the story, but I'll just clarify that he's remembering the past at a DIFFERENT reactor, not the one you're at now! And you'll learn more about this event later in the game.

Right. Place the bomb on the reactor (I think I've wore out saying "da bomb" now). What's this? No Guard Scorpion this time and no time limit either? This game just gets easier and easier! Or... DOES it?

Okay, back the way we came (except the slide). Head back to the Save Point, and up the ladder.

Go back across the Pipes and up the ladder.

You'll now be on the screen that looks like the screen where Jessie once was. Climb up the ladders and exit the screen at the top left behind the metal 24G thing.

You'll pop out opposite some stairs. Go up those stairs. At the top of the stairs, you'll find some more stairs. Go up those stairs too. Go through the door at the top.

In the lift, press the rectangle button with the up and down triangles on it, wait a moment, and exit via the door to the left. There, not only is this walkthrough helping you with FF7, but now you know how to use a lift as well! #LifeSkills


You'll now be in a large area, with a big arrow on the floor which is pointing in the wrong direction. Nearby is a treasure chest, be sure to open it for an Ether.

Before you can proceed, you have to go into the left area and do a little, erm, mini game? You get as many tries as you need and you have to press the button the same time Tifa and Barret do. You want to hit the actual button or key on your controller keyboard about one second after the "Jessie said we have to..." box disappears.

The gate to your right-ish will open, head through it to the Save Point. We're about to fight a boss battle!

I know I said Lightning/All is the best combo, but now I'd say it's time to switch to Restore/All.

This boss isn't too tough, but that Save Point's not a bad idea to use right now anyways. Maybe even use a Tent to restore your HP/MP. If you're saving in additional slots every so often so you can replay different parts of the game, now might be a good time.

All set? Go a little left of the Save Point, then upwards onto the next screen.

You'll now be on a big T-shaped bridge. Head upwards, and... oh rats! A Shinra ambush! Shoulda known this was a little too easy... President Smug will casually stroll onto the screen. There'll be a little chat including a mention of this mysterious Sephiroth fellow again. Barret will totally remain calm. Then the President flies away to the nearest McDonalds and we gotta fight a robot.

Okay, time for an epic battle against Air Buster! This is also the first time we hear the true (and epic) boss music of the game (it used different music for Guard Scorpion).

The group will be split into two, Tifa/Barret on one side, Cloud on the other.

Right, when Air Buster is facing away from one of your characters, use a normal attack or limit break if available, because you'll do double the damage.

Air Buster can do some considerable damage to your allies, so don't be shy of using Cure if you HP drops below about 275. You can only cure Barret/Tifa at the same time, or Cloud, but not all three (in a single turn). You may even want to use a Hi Potion if someone's health gets dangerously low. And if someone "dies" you can revive them with a Phoenix Down.

If Air Buster is facing your character when it's their turn, use magic. Bolt is the most effective.

That's basically it for Air Buster, it shouldn't be too tough, I hope you enjoy the battle! Once you defeat him you'll win a Titan Bangle.

After the battle, Air Buster blows a fuse or something, and then... KABOOM! No more Air Buster. He's in silicon heaven now. He also took some bridge with him. And unfortunately Cloud has fallen and is hanging on.

After a bit of chat, Cloud will fall. Mission failed I guess. Congrats on messing everything up. Maybe we can fix it in the next, exciting chapter, where we recruit a new character and explore the, well, actually quite depressing looking, Sector 5! Hmmm... I didn't sell that very well really did I?