Part 02: Sector 7

"What about breakfast at...?"

At the end of the last, exciting chapter in this walkthrough, you just finished blowing up a Mako reactor, then wobbled your way via train over to the nearest save point. Good job! Your screen should now look something like this:

Very funny. What I actually mean is, your FF7 GAME screen should now look something like this:

So, head downwards, then exit this screen via the bottom left, opposite where you arrived. You'll now be in Sector 7 Slums.

You'll see the others go into a building and then Barret will stand outside of it. Talk to him a couple times and he'll let you in. Go in.

You'll now be introduced to Cloud's childhood fwend, Tifa. Give her a name and then you can choose whether to give her the flower you received earlier, or to give Marlene (Barret's daughter) the flower.

The others, apart from Tifa will head to the room below. Go talk to Tifa for a bit. Once done, follow the others below.

In this basement room, Cloud will talk to Barret and Tifa for a bit. Once you regain control you'll get the opportunity to talk to everyone and learn a bit more about them, and then you need to head back to the lift thing and return to the room upstairs.

Tifa will follow Cloud upstairs, they'll remember some old times.

If you're a first time player, the flashback is actually located at Cloud and Tifa's home town, Nibelheim. But this isn't really mentioned. I remember being confused by this thinking it was set at Sector 7 but there being no well there lol. Or maybe that was just me being a dumbass. Anyway you'll even see the first mention of the mighty Sephiroth. Dun dun duuun!

After the flashback, Barret and Tifa will convince Cloud to do another mission, and agree to Cloud's price, DESPITE needin' that money for Marlene's schoolin'! Then sleep. After sleep, head back upstairs, speak to Tifa, then Barret. Barret will ask for a Materia tutorial, which is actually YOUR chance to learn about how the game works a bit. I really do recommend watching it if you're new or forgot how it works. But don't worry too much as I'll be explaining it as we go anyways

Once they finish, talking, exit the building.

Alright, it's time to collect some stuff! I'll tell you where all the items and shopping are. Once you've got them though it is worth having a look around the town and speaking to everyone. Just to make the most of the game and learn as much as you can about the world and its story. FF7 is truly a masterpiece and it would be a shame to just power through and not appreciate the world they've built.

Speaking of which. DO NOT play FF7 while listening to other music. FF7's amazing soundtrack is like half the game! If you sit there like some kind of wally listening to what I'm sure is a load of complete rubbish instead of FF7's music you're missing out.

Woops... wait a minute, I'm getting a bit bossy here. What I MEANT to say is I hope you're enjoying the game the way YOU want to play it! 😇

Iron Bangles

Head inside the bottom-right house. On the first floor (the first room you enter from outside), speak to the guy behind the railing thingy on the left. He sells Iron Bangles! This is the only place in the game where you can get them! And shortly you won't be able to revisit it ever again! This makes them a permanently missable. How many you buy is up to you. Some collectors like to get 9 (one for each eventual character in the game). Some people even get 99 of everything! If you do that you'll need to go and fight monsters for money at the Train Graveyard east of the train station. Personally I just get 3 of these since every armour after this is better anyway.

All Materia

In the same building, make your way to the top floor, where there is a "tutorial room". You can pick up a very useful All Materia here.

Fire Materia

Finally, the bottom-left building in this area sells Fire Materia. In a few hours you will receive another Fire Materia for free anyway. It's up to you whether to buy one now or not. Personally I'd say buy one now so that each of your party has one of Fire, Ice and Lightning. Once you get the extra Fire Materia later, you can always sell the one if you no longer want it.

That's all for collectibles. When you're ready, let's equip all the armour and Materia we've collected thus far.

Open the Menu, go to Equip. For each character, select their armour and choose Iron Bangle, which is the best armour at this point.

Alright, go back to the menu, and choose Materia.

Remove Cloud's current Materia by going to each slot and using the same button or key you normally use to bring up the Menu.

Equip Lightning Materia (which is actually what we've been using to cast Bolt) in Cloud's first weapon slot. Equip All Materia in the second, joined slot. All is a Support Materia. By joining it with Lightning, Cloud will now be able to use Bolt against ALL enemies rather than having to choose a single target. At this point in the game you can usually wipe every (non-noss) enemy out in one hit! Tubulaaar! ...Tubular?! Okay then.

Equip Restore in the last available slot, which is on Cloud's Iron Bangle. Cloud will now also be able to use the spell Cure on a single team member on his turn. Cure restores HP, even more than a Potion. It also saves on USING Potions.

On Barret, equip Fire, and on Tifa equip Ice. With the Materia you currently have it doesn't make any difference whether you equip it to the character's weapon or armour slot. Later in the game some support Materia will work differently depending on whether it's joined with another Materia in the weapon or armour. But right now it's-a no-a problem-a.

You may want to consider swapping Cloud's Lightning and Restore around. Cloud will lose the ability to use Lightning against all enemies, and gain the ability to use Cure on all Team Members (rather than just one). At this point in the game, this is a more defensive, perhaps slightly over-cautious way to play, so that's why I'm recommending Lightning/All right now. BUT, it's totally up to you. You can also throw all this out the window and use a different combo like Fire/All or Ice/All. It's your adventure!

Oh and I should probably mention Materia is not "locked" or "used up" by being assigned to a certain slot or character or whatever. You can rearrange, remove, re-equip your Materia whenever you want (except during a battle).

Later in the game Restore/All will be an indispensable combo. Luckily you get more All Materia throughout the game, meaning you can have your cake and it eat. What does that even mean? You have a cake, you eat it. Strange...

Let's go onto the next mission! Exit the area at the top right, the same way you came in. Then go save at the Save point at the top of the screen by the pillar. (Same one we started from at the beginning of this chapter xD).

Will Cloud and pals save the day by blowing more stuff up? Find out in the next chaappteeeeeerrrrr heheheheheeheheeeeeeee! :D