Part 01: No 1 Reactor

"Watch out Bomberman, Cloud's in town"

Okay here we go! Hit New Game and watch the super epic intro. I always love that moment where the music peaks and the FF7 logo appears. The game's main character somersaults off a slowing train. It begins.

ALRIGHT LET'S GO BLOW STUFF U... actually we better set up the in-game config first. "Yawn", you say? Well I know but don't worry it only takes a sec. Open up the menu. Go to Config.

My recommendation is to change the ATB to "Wait", and leave everything else alone. If you set the Battle speed to max the enemies always attack first. So don't do that.

Okay that's that done. Told ya it wouldn't take long! Let's return to the game.

Two Potions

Grab two potions from the nearest fallen soldier.

These are probably the most famous two Potions in a Final Fantasy game, and yet ironically are also very easily missed. Although Potions are everywhere so it doesn't matter if you missed them anyway. Wow, babble on a bit.

Start following the other characters to the distant-left door and two Shinra soldiers move in to attack! DON'T PANIC, they're rly easy. Take them out by selecting Attack from the menu. They fall in one hit each. VICTORY! Congratulations you've completed FF7! What? It was a simpler time back then. Okay you're not fooled are you?

For first-time players: You'll now start having random encounters (battles) with enemies. At this stage in the game the enemies are very easy.

During battle all you need to do is select Attack like in the first battle and we'll defeat them in one hit. Keep an eye on your HP though (at the bottom of the screen). If it gets low, say, less than 150, you'll want to select Item and use a Potion to restore 100HP. If it reaches zero, it's game over.

You can also use Potions outside of battle. Open the Menu, select Item, then choose Potion and select a character to use it on.

Go through that distant-left door that the other characters went through.

Head to the gate thing, and you'll have a little conversation with the others. So just who is this spikey hair dude anyway? Well his name be Cloud, but you can name him, and another character, Barret, whatever ya like.

I don't know if they've patched the Steam version or ever will bother to because I'm playing on Nintendo Switch this time. But last time I played the Steam version of this game the name entry screen was a complete mess. So good luck with that. To be fair it IS barely useable and you'll get there eventually. Shockingly, I always name Cloud Sckewi. xD

With name entry done, watch a little scene where Cloud takes a look around in THREE DEE!!! Then follow the others around in a sort of question mark direction and go through the door at the top-left-ish. Maybe the question mark shape reflects all of the unknowns of a new story/adventure at this point? Nah, it doesn't lol.

You arrive at a big upside down T shaped bridge. Optionally Talk to Wedge on the left if ya want. Then head upwards and through the door.

In this next room Barret will have a rant and join Cloud for battles. Open the two gates by talking to whoever is next to the control panel next to it. First Biggs, then Jessie.

Phoenix Down

Before speaking to Jessie to open the final door, head to the bottom right of this area, where there is a treasure chest. Open for a Phoenix Down.

Go back and speak to Jessie, then go through the door.

"Push that button over there", says Jessie. What the heck, Jessie? I'm trying to? Well, actually it's not the big yellow circle you press, it's the rectangle with the up and down triangles on it. "Ohhhhhhhhhh I knew that!"

Barret rants at Cloud AGAIN! I mean seriously why'd he even recruit Cloud? Still, I've had worse employers. After a moment, exit the elevator.

This rather large room surprisingly has no collectibles in it. Feel free to explore it, I mean I'm not the boss of you. But to get to the next room, head down the two sets of stairs, and through the door at the bottom of the second set of stairs.


Follow Jessie down the ladder. Grab the Potion in front of her.

Talk to Jessie if ya want. Then head down the diagonal ladder, climb onto another ladder, and go down it.

You'll arrive on some pipes.

Sometimes in this area, in random encounters, you'll come across an enemy called a Sweeper. It has guns for arms and two cones that look like drills for feet. It looks more dangerous than it is, and you can defeat it in one hit by selecting Magic and then Bolt during battle. In-fact, as a general rule, "robot" enemies are weak to Bolt/Lightning. I guess it short-circuit's them or somink. xD

Get onto the smaller pipe that vertically connects the two larger pipes. Head left, onto a ladder, climb down, and you'll reach a door that you cannot go through, ever, and a Save Point.

To save your game, walk up to the Save Point (it looks like a rotating question mark), open the Menu and choose Save. Then choose a slot bunch and then choose a slot.

It's totally up to you, but I would recommend having your main save in Slot 1, and then using Slot 2 onwards for making a save every so often as you progress through the game. The nice thing about this is that if you ever wannoo you can replay specific parts of the game. It also means if you somehow miss something (although you're using this walkthrough, so you shouldn't), you don't have to replay the entire again to get it back.

Now is also a potentially good time to gain a few levels to give yourself a bit of an early-on edge. Basically just run up and down and fight enemies for half hour, and you should gain about three levels. You can beat the upcoming boss without doing this, but it helps.

If you do decide to do some levelling, and you're running low on MP, you can sometimes win Ethers from the little flower enemies (Motor Drives) that appear in battles on the previous screen (where Jessie is). Ethers restore MP by 100.

Many moons ago on a very old save, I actually spent like three days getting to level 30 at the first save point lol. What on Earth was I thinking?

Okay, when you're ready, head down and right-wards from the Save Point.

Restore Materia

To be fair you can't NOT pick up the Restore Materia. You also can't use it yet. D'oh! But it will come in super handy later on and for basically all of the game.

Go over to the reactor thingy with the wheel on it. Drop da bomb, have a chat with Barret. And then it's time for the first boss battle against the iconic Guard Scorpion!

There's a confusing bit of dialog in this battle, "Attack when its tails up a..." SHUT UP!!!111

Guard Scorpion has two states.

In its normal state, its tail is DOWN. It will use Search Scope, which looks cool but does nothing. It will also attack with its guns and tail, doing about 70 damage to one character in both cases. While in the normal state, have Barret simply use Attack, and Cloud use Bolt. BUT, after selecting the command, you'll have a moment where you actually choose the Guard Scorpion as the target for the attack. Always wait about two seconds here to see if the Guard Scorpion raises its tail.

In its raised tail state, each time you attack Guard Scorpion, it will counter-attack with the powerful Tail Laser, which does about 75 damage to both characters every time! To be fair, you might want to trigger this just once during the battle to see what it looks like lol. But make sure your HP is up with Potions.

Speaking of Potions, if a character's HP drops below 200, use one.

Use those Limit Breaks if you get them (but not while in raised tail state). And just keep chipping away until Guard Scorpion is defeated.

Once you know about the tail thing it's not too tough of a battle! So good luck and have fun!

Once you have defeated Guard Scorpion, you will win an Assault Gun for Barret. Equip it by opening the Menu, then going to Equip, selecting his current weapon and replacing it with the Assault Gun.

The Reactor Mission's not over yet people. Cloud will place the bomb, then you got ten minutes to get the heck outta here.

Don't worry, as long as you don't hang around aimlessly, there's plenty of time. You CAN run from battles (controller=hold shoulder buttons, keyboard=dunno), but there's no need.

Okay we're going back the way we came. Head back to the Save Point and save.

Go accross the pipes and up the ladder.

Important: speak to Jessie to unstick her! Or you'll have to come back in a minute.

Follow her up the ladder and exit this screen on the left.

Head up the stairs immediately opposite you, then up the next set of stairs and into the lift.

Press the rectangle button with the two triangles again! Wait for the lift to stop then exit the lift.

Speak to Jessie to open the first gate, Biggs to open the second, then exit the screen on the bottom left.

Follow the others down the big upside-down T, and then watch everyone escape. You can stop worrying about the time limit now. Phew!

You'll have a little breather here and the characters will have a little chat. I don't know about you but I get a slight sense of regret from the characters here, hmmm...

Anywho, you'll exit this area, have another quick chat and Dr McBarretington Face will tell everyone to meet at Sector 8 Station.

No items here, so go up the same stairs Barret did.

You'll arrive on a screen where the lady from the intro movie is having a tough time. You can get a flower off her (although it doesn't show up in your inventory) by saying "Nothing... hey listen", "Don't see many flowers around here", and "Buy one". After your conversation with her, head downwards to the next screen.


You'll arrive through an arch with a clock above it. On this screen is a fountain and lots of people running around. To the bottom left of the fountain is a Potion.

Head dowards from the Potion onto the next screen.

Once again you'll be ambushed by Shinra soldiers. I guess blowing up the Shinra's Mako Reactor got them a little rattled. You'll get the option to choose Fight or "Later" to avoid the battle. These battles just award a little Experience Points and Gil, but not much. So choose whatever ya want!

After a short while Cloud will jump onto the train and you'll see a little movie. The others will chat for a bit and then Cloud will roll-in like a big show off. The others will wonder off onto the next train cart, and then you'll resume control of the game.

Follow the others onto the next cart. Barret will make a bit of a scene (he's a character!). When you control Cloud again, first talk to the guy laying at the top right, then go talk to Jessie and she'll guide you through the security system. Head over to Barret, and you'll get another little video of the train and exit.

Head on over to the others and have a little meeting about the next mission! Then exit this screen on the bottom-left.

Alright! We've completed No 1 Reactor, defeated the Guard Scorpion, collected all the items, and there be a Save Point a tiny bit to the north. So go Save there (maybe save in an additional slot), and then we'll continue in the next, exciting section where we'll be adding a new character to our team, doing some shopping, collecting more stuff and by golly just having a right ol' laugh!

Oh and in case you're wondering, you get to the next section in this walkthrough using the link at the bottom right (or top right). See? On this page it says "Sector 7"? Hello?! Why are you still here? Click on it already? CLICK ON IT.