FF7 Walkthrough

Complete FF7 and get all missable stuff!

Bleeeeeeh, bleh, bleh bleeeeh bleeeh BLEEEEEEEEEEH bleh blehhhhhh! Bleh bleh bleeeeh bleh BLEEEEEEEEEH bleh bleeeeeeeh! Bleh bleh bleeeeh bleh bleeeeeh bleh bleeeeeh *pffffft* BLEEEEEH bleh bleeeeeh bleeeh ble... what?

Ahem... *straightens tie*, welcome to Sckewi's FF7 Walkthrough. Features:

Experienced FF7 players may be interested to know that this walkthrough DOES include stuff like getting all Turtles Paradise flyers, the best key items in Wall Market (including keeping the third Battery), the Coupons in the Shinra Building, getting a hold of a Vagyrisk Claw, etc.

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Controller note: If you're playing the Steam or Square Enix PC Store version and would like the controls to closely resemble the original PlayStation version as much as possible, you might want to read the FF7 Steam/PS1 Controls guide I made first!

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I've remembered everything in the game. But I am human and may have made a mistake. So don't get mad if that happens. In fact, let me know on the blog post about this guide, and I'll add it in!

Alright, everyone, let's mosey. Reuuuuuniooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

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