Wednesday, 16th January 2019



If you have the Stormy Ascent DLC or plan on getting it, there is a glitch/bug that could stop you from getting 105% completion in the game.

I HAVEN'T CONFIRMED THIS YET, but as I understand it, the way the glitch works is that if you defeat Dr. Neo Cortex before beating every other level, collecting every Gem, both keys and all Gold or Platinum relics, you will only get 104% once you do those things, and never be able to get 105% completion on that save.

*I HAVEN'T TESTED THIS YET*, as I haven't gotten the Gold or Platinum Relics yet, but I believe if you save battling Dr. Neo Cortex until after completing ever other level, getting all Gems, both keys and all Gold or Platinum Relics, you will get 105% completion upon defeating Dr. Neo Cortex.

What I've done is saved in another slot before battling Dr. Neo Cortex, and if/when I go for the Gold/Platinums, I'll continue from that slot rather than the autosave. I'm not sure, but I think this will prevent the glitch. You might want to do your own research before battling Dr. Neo Cortex!

It's not the end of the world anyway, but I thought I better mention it for those that like to get the best possible save.


Anyway, in this episode, as you may have guessed, we battle Dr. Neo Cortex! The final battle of the game! We also see the game's main ending!

The Doctor is flying about on some kind of jet powered hoverboard, shooting energy bolts. There are three kinds of energy bolt, blue, purple and green. Avoid the blue and purple ones, and spin the green ones back! The blue ones he shoots off screen and then they go across the screen, and the purple ones he shoots towards you. The Doctor has five hit points, and being hit with the green energy bolts takes away one HP each.

After that we see the ending where *SPOILERS CUT FROM DESCRIPTION XD*.

In the next episode, we complete The Great Hall (properly this time haha), taking the Gem path and seeing the game's bonus ending.

You can also watch the episode on YouTube.

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