About Site

This Emoji site was created by Sckewi to make it easy for people to search for and copy emojis onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, websites etc.

Sckewi did NOT create the emoji graphics, they were made by the Unicode Consortium or Google or Apple or something(?).

You can try pasting these emojis in other places too! Many programs support them.

Emojis are built into modern browsers, so when you copy them, you're not actually copying a graphic, you're copying special character codes which represent an emoji. When the web browser sees that character code it draws it as an image. Cool huh?

Update Log

Most recent at the top!

v1.1.0 - Fri 28th Jun 2019

Bit of a significant update today!

v1.0.1 - Thu 23rd May 2019

v1.0.0 - Sun 19th May 2019

First version published!