Coming Soon: Static Ultra

Sunday, 15th August 2021

It's been some time since I posted a new project on here, but the last few months I've been working on one in my spare time. And it's getting close enough to being finished that I've decided to sort of pre-announce it here...

The new project is called Static Ultra. It's a client-side solution for speeding up and simplifying building and maintaining static websites!

Key Functionality

Static Ultra's separates out your theme, pages and navigation. This enables you to edit them independently, and it saves you time because should you decide to change one of them, you only have to do so once, unlike a traditional static website where you have to edit it on every page!

Static Ultra also supports multiple themes. You can enable your visitors to switch themes or force a certain theme on certain pages.

Static Ultra is a pure vanilla JavaScript, client side solution. It is not a traditional generator and does not require a server-side language like PHP or node. It is part of your website - if your host supports HTML, CSS and JS, you can use Static Ultra.

That's just a fraction though, for the full list of features, visit the Static Ultra website!


(I couldn't think of a heading for this section, so I went with Awooga)

Anyway, Static Ultra is pretty close to completion! So much so in fact that I've implemented it into my site! Right click and view source and you'll see how simple Static Ultra pages are!

Over the next few weeks I plan to finish Static Ultra. There's a few jobs left on the programming side, then I need to make some themes, finish the documentation and finally publish it.

I've had a little bit of interest in Static Ultra, and I'm hoping it could be the start of something. I'll be having a page where people can submit and download themes. I may also have a similar page for some kind of extension system. Hopefully people will be building their sites with it soon! Or not. Who knows? xD

In other news...

SSN is back online, and I've also added a link to a forum which I run with a pal in the main navigation. It's a forum which is like a million years old and has survived the parent company being bought out and all sorts lol. It has a focus on games, TV and music, so feel free to register and join in the discussions!

I hope you look forward to Static Ultra!