Bye Bye, SSN. Back to Disqus

Thursday, 6th May 2021

Just a quick post today to confirm I have removed my custom user account/comment system, SSN, and restored Disqus Comments.

Why? Well the tldr version is when I'm working on this site, I'd rather be prioritising coding actual hopefully useful/fun projects or writing content than coding/maintaining/backing up my own account system at this time.

That, and Disqus doesn't require any payment or regularly logging into the admin CP to keep it alive. xD

So yeah cya later SSN, and welcome back Disqus!

In some other news, while I've had a few false starts due to lack of experience, I've decided to try and start writing reviews of games as I complete them for this site, and should have one on here in the next couple of weeks. I've really enjoyed writing it... but I'm not happy with it despite now being on my third attempt, so hopefully I'll get it right this weekend lol. xD

Okay, blog entry complete! Byeeeeeee! *throws internet router in the trash*

"Ohhhh rats, I needed that."