Back to Neocities!

Friday, 19th Febrerere 2021

Back to Neocities - I missed Neocities, and it turns out I'm not really bothered about having a top level domain. So I'm very glad to be back here on Neocities! Neocities for life!

Site Updates - The last few months just about everything on the site has been rewritten or reorganised in some way. There are very few visual changes but the site is much easier to update now.

SSN Finally Back Online - You won't see many visual changes, but I've added a load of admin/moderation features, and a permission system, which makes it much easier to manage and expand upon in the future.

Sckewi TV Gone - I wasn't using my gaming channel Sckewi TV, and no-one was visiting it, so I've deleted it. It seems I prefer writing and coding to talking on a microphone. So I'll stick with that!

What's Next? - The site and SSN now in an acceptable state where I can leave them alone for a bit. I will be returning to SSN at some point for another round of updates and features. Next, I WAS going to return to one of my sort of small/medium sized projects. But I've came up with an idea for something I think I can get done pretty quickly. So next I do that and hopefully it won't turn out like all my other projects to be much more work than I thought, and hopefully have it on the site in the next few weeks. xD

If you want something to watch... - This is kind of random but, Babylon 5 has recently been remastered on Amazon Prime Video. It's an epic space sci-fi series, and also it's the best story ever told. Go and watch every episode right now.

THEEEEE EEEEEEEND(?) dulululu babadababbooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwn!