SSN(?) Update

Monday, 16th November 2020

Just a quick update with regards to SSN.

Username, Display Name and ID Number have all been merged to simplify things. If you already have an account, you'll need to log in with whatever you put as your Display Name before, and that is now your Username from this point onwards.

I'm also phasing out calling the account system SSN and just calling it an account from now on, to stop it coming across as something separate to the site.

The user account code has also been tidied a lot. I wrote it a year ago and my coding style has changed somewhat since then. So hopefully this will make it easier to add additional features.

And while I'm here I'll just mention that I've removed the custom scrollbars I added to the website itself, due to them having some issues on some browsers and me not having the time to sort that right now. xD