FF7 Steam PS1 Controls

Friday, 1st May 2020

This guide will show you how to quickly set up your controller on the Steam version of Final Fantasy VII (FF7) so that the buttons on an Xbox/360/One or other XInput controller (most controllers are XInput controllers, yours probably is too) correspond as close as possible to the original PlayStation release.

Okay, so first thing's first, run Steam and start FF7, which actually starts the launcher. Click the big "Settings" button. Click the "Joystick" tab. You should now be looking at this:

Now, use the following table to set all the controls. We're going down the first column, then down the second column. In the table:

Couple of quick notes:

Button Name PlayStation Button Xbox Button Button Value
OK Circle B BUTTON 2
Cancel X A BUTTON 1
Menu Triangle Y BUTTON 4
Up Up Up Up
Left Left Left Left
Right Right Right Right
Down Down Down Down
Start Start Start BUTTON 8
Switch Square X BUTTON 3
Page Up L1 Left Bumper BUTTON 5
Page Down R1 Right Bumper BUTTON 6
Target R2 Press Right Stick BUTTON 10
Assist Select Back BUTTON 7
Camera L2 Press Left Stick BUTTON 9

If you've done it all correctly, your launcher should now look like this:

Have fun playing FF7! I'm about due a playthrough myself. Can't wait for the remake to (hopefully) drop on PC once the timed exclusivity ends...