Website and SSN Overhaul

Friday, 3rd April 2020

Phew! Finally completed a bit of an overhaul on this website and SSN!

There's quite a few updates so I'm going to just sort of spam them in whatever order I remember them... *Takes a deep breath*

New Layout/Theme - The old layout had a horizontal navigation menu, and as I added site-wide menu items (like SSN and the breadcrumb), the whole thing started to feel a bit cramped, and I was running out of space to add stuff to the main menu. The new layout is a two column, content first layout. All site-wide menu items are now in the menu column, and both columns can be scrolled independently so you don't lose your place. On mobile, the layout is much the same as the old layout, except you get access to the entire menu column when you hit the menu/burger button now. Not gonna lie, life would be much easier if mobile browing wasn't a thing. Welcome to 2010 I guess. xD

Better SEO - I've improved usage of semantic tags, and hopefully done a better of job of prioritising what search engines see. I already get a few hits of Google each day (Bing doesn't wanna know - no idea why O_o). Hopefully these changes will increase that number a bit.

SSN Fixed xD - So while tinkering with the database, I managed to unknowingly break registration. It now works! Many thanks to fellow Neocities member, Zumi for informing me it was broken!

SSN Re-organisation - SSN has been adjusted to better fit the new layout. I've also moved register and log in from an overlay to actual website pages. This just makes it easier for me to be honest, and I don't have to code updating the current page state for every SSN page/feature.

SSN Points - SSN now has a point(less) system! You get 145 SSN Points for registering, and 5 each day you visit the site while logged in. They can't be spent, they're just for fun. xD

SSN Notifications - SSN now has a notification system. At the moment you get an example notification when you register, you get notifications when you receive SSN Points, and one if someone replies to a comment thread you have subscribed to.

SSN Comment Subscriptions - You can now subscribe to comment threads and receive notifications if someone replies. Wait, I just said that.

Line Endings = Windows - Some time ago I went through a little Linux phase and started using \n for my line endings in all my code. Then after a while Linux gave me a headache, so I've switched them all back to \r\n. xD Windows ain't perfec' but for my purposes it works way better than Linux so I'll be sticking with it lol.

Site Using my Latest "Library" - As I build projects I update this collection of CSS/JS which has turned into a sort of library which I can then re-use for other projects. My site was lagging behind using an old version of this, now it's using the latest one.

Home Page - The home page used to just be a list of projects. Now there is a dedicated projects page for that, and the home page shows just the latest projects and blog entries.

About Page - I added an about page, and then did a really half-baked effort at writing something there.

Contact is now Guestbook - The contact page has basically always been a guestbook. So I figured I'd finally rename it to that. There used to be comments there before I dropped Disqus, I swear!

Other Stuff - Definitely a bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten I did.

What's Next?

Well, I was going to return to a more long-term project I've been working on, but I'd like to actually add a new project to my site this year, so instead I'm going to start a brand new, smaller project based on one of my ideas. I hope you look forward to that!

I'm also vowing to update the blog more frequently. I really enjoy my web programming, and absolutely love video games, so I'll try to post a blog entry related to those things once in a while.

I hope you enjoy the updates to the site! Be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues. :) Oh, and if you haven't registered an SSN account yet, now might be the time. You don't wanna miss out on 150 SSN Points do ya? DO YA?! xD