Announcing SSN

Friday, 27th December 2019

tldr: SSN is a user account system I've made for my site! It enables people to leave comments and in future will offer more features. Register/login above. Leave any feedback below!


This site is hosted for free by the very excellent Neocities. Neocities provides super reliable hosting for static websites. A static website is one made up of only client-side stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

You really can do a lot HTML, CSS and JavaScript these days. But they are limited in that everything happens on your visitor's device. You can't, say, leave a comment, as it can only be saved on your visitor's device - other visitor's have no way of seeing the comment. For that, you need a database. That's where PHP and MySQL come in.

The "server" side of SSN is written in PHP and MySQL. And that is hosted for free by 000webhost!

The "client" side of SSN is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which communicates with the server. This is how SSN works.

The nice thing about doing things this way is that if the account system is down, the rest of the website will still completely work.

Now that I have a user accounts system, I can add features which depend on this functionality. For example, I think next I'll be adding a high-score table to my old Dice Poker game so people can compete with one and other!

I hope you enjoy SSN. If you encounter any errors (it is new!) or would like to offer any feedback, please leave a comment below!

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D