Command & Conquer Remasters Coming

Monday, 26th November 2018

Welcome to the first of a possibly ongoing series of posts for my blog, where I talk about video game news!

Anyway, you heard correctly. EA have announced that Command & Conquer Remasters are coming. It’s a dream come true! To be more specific we’re going to be returning to the first Tiberium War in the original Command & Conquer, and also a return to its sort of prequel, Red Alert!

Command & Conquer is owned by EA these days. I know, I know, they messed up big time with Command & Conquer 4. But they did an amazing job with C&C3 and it’s expansion Kane’s Wrath. I’ve never played Generals because Tiberium universe ftw, but apparently that’s pretty good too.

The news gets better. The game’s respective expansions: Covert Ops, The Aftermath and Counterstrike are all going to be included.

And even better. There are going to be no microtransactions in the games. These are going to be proper, full PC games.

There’s more! Frank Klepacki, who did the fantastic music for the original C&C and Red Alert is returning.

Apparently EA are getting a lot of the original dev team and creators back for this.

At the moment not much else has been announced as they’re still at the planning stage. But based on all this, I’m personally hopeful that we’re gonna see two pretty darn excellent remasters!

Now, the thing with remasters is that everybody tends to agree they want “the same, but different”. Unfortunately, what they want the same and what they want different is different for everyone. Anyway, here’s mine xD. I should mention, I never play C&C online, so this is coming from the perspective of someone who just enjoys the campaigns and the storylines.

  • Bring back Joseph Kucan as Kane!
  • Mostly, this should be a major graphical upgrade only. It should play like C&C:TD+RA, but look like a more modern C&C3
  • Put in unit veterancy, introduced in Tiberian Sun, where your units get more powerful if they defeat other units. This makes for some interesting strategies and adds another dynamic to the battlefield
  • GDI, Nod, Allies and Soviet should all have medics or a way to heal soldiers (maybe stand near barracks)
  • Definitely keep the left-click controls the same as the originals, or at least have that as an option
  • No internet connection should needed to play single player or skirmishes against the AI
  • Modernise the menu. The scrolling up and down in the originals can be a little tiring, and the C&C3 menus were much appreciated improvement
  • Increase tiberium growth rate a LITTLE. I think it runs out too quickly, 'specially when the AI gets a gazzillion credits every time they harvest any and you don't
  • Add some missions with some truly huge maps. I’d love to start by capturing a small base, using it to destroy or capture a medium base, and then using that to take on a massive base!
  • Turn off (or on, I’m not sure which way round is right) friendly fire. It’s really frustrating when your own flamethrower units or grenadiers destroy each other xD
  • Two Nod SAMs should be able to quickly stop a GDI Airstrike in a reasonable radius, and super weapons should only be usable once, and not be able to destroy a construction yard or refinery in one hit
  • Add bonus objectives to all the missions. It’s really good fun going for that extra challenge!
  • Put more Tiberium universe in Red Alert, OR take it out completely. This is a chance to make a decision on whether they’re the same universe or not! In fact, some extra missions in C&C, or Red Alert, or both, bridging the games and mixing the units up a little would be really interesting
  • Add in faster wall building introduced in Tiberian Sun, and possibly the gates that only your forces can open
  • Make GDI Mammoth tanks automatically fire missiles at infantry, rather than having to do that weird face-away and then attack thing, and adjust any missions which break due to that accordingly
  • Include any Playstation, N64 or other platform missions, as well as the dinosaur and ant missions
  • Have being able to save any mission any time, but also be able to replay any mission you’ve already completed

This is just a few ideas and my personal wishlist. I can’t wait for more news on these remasters!

Anyway, if you have something to say, feel free to leave a comment below!


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