Hello and welcome to Sckewi's Site.

I enjoy writing about video games, as well as creating web apps and content. So I made this website to do exactly that!

I'm male, in my 30s and from the UK.

This site is a hobby that I do as and when I feel like it for fun. Sometimes I'm addicted to working on it and can't stop. Sometimes I feel like working on it a fair amount or a little. And sometimes I really just can't be bothered at all. What's this? Someone admitting in today's world they don't spend literally every minute of their life trying to be productive? RED ALERT!!!

The main things on this site are:

The Blog Site updates, project announcements or articles about whatever comes to mind. Usually video games lol.
The Projects Page A list of all the web apps I've created and posted on this website.

This site is built using Notepad++, VSCode and XAMPP on my local machine. The entire site is client-side (I guess apart from any third-party extras/embeds e.g. Disqus/YouTube).

The site's pages only contain the page's HTML content. The theme and everything else is loaded by JavaScript. This means I can edit the theme and pages independently. For example, if the main menu needs changing, I can edit that in the template rather than having to edit it in every single page.

Oh and I'm not someone who thinks they're great or anything like that. I'm fully aware that there's a million people out there who are a million times better than me at everything I can do. I just create this stuff for fun because I enjoy it!

I hope you find something on this site useful, fun or interesting!

- Sckewi