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Welcome to my site, where my creations go! Check out the projects below!

Also, be sure to check out the Blog, as sometimes there's new stuff there too!

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Days Until...

Count down the days until a date! Such as Christmas, your birthday, or when a great game or movie is coming out!

Published: Sun 14th Jul 2019

Copy & Paste Emojis

Tons of emojis you can copy with a single click, and then paste on Facebook, Twitter, etc!

Published: Sun 19th May 2019

Crash Bandicoot 1 N. Sane Trilogy Playthrough

A playthrough/let's play of Crash Bandicoot 1 N. Sane Trilogy. Watch here or on YouTube!

Started: Thu 11th Oct 2018
Finished: Wed 16th Jan 2018

Pokemon Stadium Playthrough

An attempt to complete Pokemon Stadium using only rental Pokemon! Watch here on my site, or on YouTube!

Started: Thu 27th Sep 2018

EasyDex Crystal

Essential tool for Pokemon Crystal. Catch 'em all, track your progress, get your dex rated by Oak

Published: Wed 4th Apr 2018

Dice Poker

A little web browser based Dice Poker game

Published: Sat 21st Oct 2017

Website Building Tutorials

Tutorials for learning how to make a website. First learn, then try it yourself, then take a daft quiz!

Published: Sat 21st Oct 2017